If you know any resources dedicated to the perpetuation and furtherence of the Chinese Language, or Chinese Studies in general, send it to team at git pull dot com.


Podcast: ChinesePod is a podcast for learning Chinese. The podcasts are free, and you can pay a little money for a subscription to access the transcripts of the podcasts, and other lesson-oriented resources. I listen to ChinesePod all the time because the lessons are so well put together. It really makes Chinese easier to learn.


Website: “Chinese-forums.com is an online community of people with an interest in Chinese language and culture.” I used their database, among others, to assemble the HSK vocabulary lists on this site.

Website: On-line Chinese Tools has a lot of computer tools for Chinese, like for GB-Big5 conversion and romanization conversion (very cool). They also have a couple of dictionaries and some very good coding resources.


Software: Mark Lu has written some good-looking flashcard software for Windows Mobile, using the HSK lists from this site! If you are on the road a lot, this could be a very useful tool. Mark has worked really hard to put it together, so email him your questions, bugfixes and feature requests. Mark also put a demo video on YouTube.

Reading Material

Book: New Practical Chinese Reader (books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) is the new, rewritten edition of the Practical Chinese Reader (books 1, 2, 3, 4) textbooks. These high-quality textbooks are used in many schools around the world. The new edition is a very well-done series.

Book: Practical Chinese Grammar describes Mandarin Chinese grammar in a clear, concise way. This reference uses a lot of examples, and the vocabulary used in the examples is beginner-level, so you can focus on grammar principles. Using this book has really helped make Chinese grammar simple for me.