Part of Speech Simple Traditional Pīnyīn Definition
Adjective gòu be enough; be up to; reach; quite
Adjective guì expensive; costly; dear
Adjective 丰富 豐富 fēngfù rich; abundant; plentiful; enrich
Adjective 高兴 高興 gāoxìng glad; cheerful; be happy to
Adjective duǎn short; brief
Adjective duō much; many; more
Adjective 大概 dàgài probably; general; broad outline
Adjective 方便 fāngbiàn convenient; make convenient
Adjective low; droop; hang down
Adjective gāo tall; high; of a high degree
Adjective cháng long
Adjective bái white; blank
Adjective ǎi short; low
Adjective 当然 當然 dāngrán of course; certainly
Adjective 不错 不錯 bùcuò not bad; pretty good; correct
Adjective cuò wrong; faulty; mistake; error
Adjective duì right; correct
Adjective 饿 è hungry; starve
Adjective big; great; loud
Adjective 不同 bùtóng different; not the same
Adjective 复杂 複雜 fùzá complex; complicated
Adjective 干净 乾凈 gānjìng clean; neat; tidy
Adjective bǎo be full
Adjective 安静 安靜 ānjìng quiet; peaceful
Adjective hǎo good; nice; be in good health